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Merry Christmas Méav

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Dear Méav,
Here's wishing you and yours A Merry
Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Thank you for both "The Calling" cd,
and "Home For Christmas" cd/dvd.
I loved them both and I am looking forward to seeing what you bring us in 2014.
Have a Blessed Christmas

An Angel This Night
Fourth Carol For Christ's Nativity

An angel this night doth to the shepherds bring
Most rare and joyful news to move all hearts to sing:
A Saviour from heaven unto the world is come,
And God is now made Man for man's redemption.

The shepherds in haste unto the stable run
To see this precious Child, the eternal Father's Son;
Without a father born, His Mother a pure maid,
By whom this heavenly Babe is in a manger laid.

Now let us with the shepherds unto the stable go,
Those miracles and wonders for to adore and know,
With humble wit and will and open eyes of faith,
We shall believe and see all that the angel saith.

But wits of men and angels cannot conceive this bliss,
No heart can full resent it, no tongue tell what it is,
Wits must admire and marvel and hearts astonished be,
And tongues with joy be silent in this great mystery.

Here all the hopes of earth and the delights of heaven,
The joy of all the angels and the great price of man,
The ransom of all sinners, all captives to set free,
How can we but rejoice and all must merry be.

How can we but rejoice to hear what now is done,
The Son of God made man and made God's true Son:
God doth appear on earth for to raise earth to heaven,
What cause of greater joy could ever happen men?

Now infinite height is low and infinite depth is shallow,
The greatest length is short, the greatest largeness narrow,
Eternity by time is measured and closed up,
Immensity confined and in a stable shut.1

The increated Person is now created Man,
The Creator made Creature, who shall these secrets scan?
Who made all things of nothing, a nothing is become,
Our God most high and great is a poor Virgin's son.

His greatness is made humble and all His might is weak,
His glory is obscured, His wisdom doth not speak,
His pleasures do suffer, His treasures are in want.
He made and rules the world and yet He's bare and scant:

But 'tis to strengthen us His might is made so weak,
'Tis for our faults and folly His wisdom doth not speak;
For to correct our pride in humble sort He lies,
And for to make us rich, most poor He lives and dies.

The angels may admire how these strange things can be,
And all the devils may tremble, their terrors for to see;
But sinners all on earth may well rejoice and sing,
To thank and praise and glorify their Saviour and their King.

Then glory unto the Father Who ordered all things thus,
Glory unto the Son Who gave Himself for us,
Glory to the Holy Ghost Who did this work of heaven,
Glory unto Them now and evermore. Amen.


Dear Méav,

Merry Christmas to you and your family!
May you have a joyful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thank you for the beautiful music that you have provided us throughout this year.
We enjoy hearing it each and every day.

Merry Christmas!!
The Randy Ford Family


May this holiday season be filled with all the blessings that the Lord can give you and your family.
May this upcoming year bring you all love and prosperity you deserve.

Merry Christmas and a blessed 2014.
God's peace to you, Meav.

Joe Maes

Dear Méav,

What a wonderful year you have had and what a treat for all your fans to see and hear you again in so many places and performances. For me personally, the high point was the Celtic Woman Christmas DVD recording. The last time I saw you perform live on stage was at the Helix in 2007 for the first Christmas DVD. Brought back fond memories and this show is glorious. Another DVD in my collection now to go with the CD you did with them last year. That in addition to your latest solo CD and it has been quite a 203.

Here's hoping your Christmas is a great one and your new year brings you all you hope and pray for. Merry Christmas.

Scott Manke aka Moscapoet

Dear Méav,
I wish to thank you for making the beautiful "The Calling" and "Home for Christmas" dvd. "The Calling" is a spectacular album! So beautiful and amazing in many ways! A real treasure! It's hard to pick a favorite song from the album, but for the moment I really love "Glimmering Girl" and "Glasgow's Burning". They are fantastic.

One of my wishes for the next year is that you will come to Sweden and sing your songs live in concert. I hope that many of your wishes for the next year and this holiday season will come true.
I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!
Take care.

With best wishes and love,
Agnes in Sweden

Merry Christmas Méav!!!

I hope you get to do all you would like to do before and during the Christmas season!!! I cannot imagine how busy you must be trying to have a career AND a family that you love so very much! One thing though--- you make everyone's Christmas so much better when we are able to hear you sing.

I have said from the very beginning, you have the most perfect voice I have ever heard. I am amazed when you sing a note and it sounds like someone is ringing a bell-- it is absolutely and perfectly clear.

When I watch the new Christmas DVD I am so very glad you are singing on it!! Although, the first one was so much better (IMO) because the four of you blended perfectly. I'm sorry-- I got off subject. ( But I could never tell you enough that in my many years I have never heard a more beautiful voice!)

But, let me once again wish you and your family the Merriest Christmas and the Happiest New Year!!! Please come to the Mid-west soon!!!!!!


Sit back and close your eyes
Prepare to be mesmerized
"Divinas", "The Calling" and "Home for Christmas"
Each CD has comforting music for us.

Congratulations Meav on a great year
Blossoming into a fabulous career
Keep that beautiful music flowing
And watch your fan base growing.

"In the Bleak Midwinter"
We'll all feel a lot better
Thank you for sharing your gift
God will bless you for giving us a lift.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Maureen LaPointe

Merry Christmas Méav!
Your wonderful songs always make us happy.
For me, meeting you is a very happy present!
You are the most wonderful singer in the world!!
May the blessings of Christmas be with you today and always.

From Japan with Love.
Tamaki Mizusawa

Dear Méav,

It was a pleasure to see you on the "Home for Christmas" and listen to you performing with Celtic Woman again. I hope and pray you and your family are all doing well. Have a wonderful Christmas and a New Year filled with blessings! Thank you for the gift of your voice and presence. God Bless you dearly, Méav. Hopefully one day I'll be able to see you LIVE again.

Take care!
Le Grá, Jeanine

Dearest Méav,

It was a joy to see you back with the girls for their Christmas special this month. You were beautiful in it as always! May you and your lovely family have a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!

Lots of love,

Abigail Spencer

Dear Méav, I wish you a warm and wonderful Christmas with your family!

I am so delighted with " The Calling," and also with your performance in the Home for Christmas DVD. Hopefully you will come to Los Angeles when you tour next year.

Dianne Bender x

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy the Home for Christmas CD/DVD. Its awesome. Its one of my favorite Christmas CD/DVDs.

It must have brought back some fond memories performing at the Helix with David Downes. That's where CW began 9 years ago. I remember in the original concert you and the girls wore such tight skirts and high heels that I wondered how you kept from tripping over. This time your dresses looked a lot more confortable. It must have also been fantastic to perform with Mairead, Lisa Lambe and Susan. All outstanding vocalists. The only thing that could have made it even better would have been Orla. Her harp music is the sweetest this side of the Pearly Gates.
Well, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I'm really looking forward to my first ever visit to Ireland next year. Any suggestions of what to see??
Roy Krause


Merry Christmas to you and your family.
May your Christmas be filled with all the things your heart desires.

The world is truly a better place because of you. I thought I knew and liked music, until I heard you sing. You have opened a whole new world of music for me, one I will never live without.
Thank you soooo much.


Merry Christmas Meav & family!

Many endless blessings to all in the New Year! Meacute;av, your voice is amazing, & I admire you & your many talents!! God bless you!!

Merry Christmas,
Carol Brinson

Méav, I really enjoyed The Calling, and now enjoying your talent in the Celtic Woman DVD.

I sincerely hope You and your family have a blessed Christmas surrounded by Family and friends. Maybe You'll be back in Florida sometime soon.

Til then,
Merry Christmas, Méav!

Pat Walsh (kilarney06)

Hello Méav, and Merry Christmas!

Thank you for recording the lovely Christmas music on Celtic Woman's "Home For Christmas," it was wonderful hearing you sing with that group again.

Merry Christmas to you and your entire family.

Scott Taylor


For me, this time of year is one of celebration and to pause and remember all the things I am grateful for in my life.

I can't think of a better "thank you" than to say how much I have enjoyed listening to your music this year. I have been blessed to be friends with Sandy and she has shared your journey with us. It is a journey that has led you to produce a beautiful CD and be part of a magical Christmas DVD. Both endeavors have been well received by both my wife and me.

I am grateful that your music is in my life and I wish the best for your family and you at this holy holiday.

Eric Sterling

Dear Méav

I wish, my enchanting and ravishing Meav Merry Christmas with your family and friends. Enjoy this beautiful time of the year. I admire and adore you for many, many years and am very happy and proud, to have you this year experienced two times live.
Especially happy I am to have seen you live, in the Sugar Club and have even met you in person. So is one of my biggest dreams and wishes, fulfillment gone. That was for me as a Christmas present. This time with you, I will never forget in my life.

I hope all your dreams and wishes comes true.

Many lovely Chrismas Greetings from your fan forever.

Karsten from Berlin, Germany



LOVE AND A BIG TEXAS HUG TO YOU !!!!! -- feeling blessed.


Dear Méav,

I want to wish you and your family a very Blessed, Wonderful and Merry Christmas.

You bring such beautiful joy and pleasure to me by your voice and because of who you are. I wish you the same happiness you bring me during the Christmas Season and the New Year.
I thank you.

Hugs and Blessings always,

Bill Godfrey

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas & a Happy, healthy & successful New Year!
I really like the signed CD (The Calling) that you sent. Thank you very much.

John Cranmer

You are truly a blessing to me, dear Méav ... Your voice always brings new light in my heart.

May your heart always be filled with the light of our love for you!

Stolen Child

Dearest Méav,

Once again, warmest greetings, from Glenn, A.K.A. The Rotten Rebel. Another year has come & gone, dear lady... & Yes... I STILL have this hug here, waiting for you. It's been simmering now for 3 years.

Just want to say, God bless you & all your family this holiday, and always. Hope the new year brings you all much joy.

Oh! And I still have that photo you signed to me, sitting on my nightstand. LOL!

I miss you very much. If ever you are in the Los Angeles area, give me some sort of heads up, if possible. I would beg, borrow & steal, to make it there to say hello.

Until that day, God bless. Glenn, The Rotten Rebel


You have meant so much to me this year.

Loved your DVD, especially the Christmas one with CW. You have an incredible , God given voice.

May the warmth of Christ fill your heart this Christmas with many blessings.

Merry Christmas!

Rita Zweck

Dear Méav,
Your wonderful songs always make us happy!
Your song gave me the strength to over come.

I wish you and your family a joyful Christmas from the bottom of my heart.

With Love.

Wata Maki


May this Christmas Season bring you and your family joy and peace and may your dreams come true.

You are a sweet and beautiful lady and your voice is so beautiful and like no other voice; and you truly have "The Calling".

I am honored that you know me and I count you as a friend.

Jim Allen

Dear Méav

Merry Christmas to you and your family this 2013 season.

We have been in Méav Heaven this past year being able to buy your first solo CD in several years, signed by you, too. We also have the DVD Celtic Woman Christmas DVD made this year. We saw this show on our PBS station in Alabama this past week too. I say this for our PBS never showed yours and Orla's Christmas special in 2010. I called and complained on deaf ears.

I will say that after Celtic Woman losing Lisa Kelly and Chloe Agnew both strong voices, that David Downes was fortunate to have added your voice to the Christmas DVD. Secondly we got to see you perform for the first time since 2010 in Nashville.

We followed your TV show that you were a judge in on a talent show like American Idle in America.

Sandy Harlow has helped us so very much keep up with you by postings on Facebook throughout this past two years.
We also kept up with your other ventures too.
Sandy, and of course, Marie-France both are so good for us in keeping us up with your career.

We Love you, Méav, and your Family
and will hold Ya close to our Hearts this Christmas Season.

Dinnie and Ken Weaks
From Belgreen, Alabama

Dear Méav,

Happy Xmas Meav and the family,
Have a fanastic xmas and a safe new year
and all the best in 2014.

Bernard Hamill

Do have the most wonderful of holidays Méav.

Your latest album was the greatest gift of all to us, your fans. You know you are one of the great underappreciated talents of our time. I wish you would tour so we could see and experience more of you, but then we your fans would have to share you with the rest of the world instead of having you all to ourselves, too bad!

I regret not coming to see you in Montreal. I will not miss you again when you come to North America. And all the people who saw you on the Celtic Woman Christmas special and then go to see Celtic Woman perform, surely they will be terribly disasppointed when they do not see you up on that stage! They will think they have been had, and they have, LOL! All my best,

Glenn Davis


Hope you and all of your family & close friends have a wonderful, safe & joyous Christmas. I hope that you will be home for Christmas with the ones you love dearest. For the times you have been on the road during Christmas, thank you for all you have done to entertain your fans.
You and those you work with in the Celtic music arena are just so much appreciated. My first glimpse of you & the sound of your music was "Live at Slane Castle" has me hooked!
I am German & Dutch by family but so enjoy your music. Hope to meet you some day. Keep up the great artistic work you do as you have made so many people around the world feel good. Thank you again. I hope to one day visit Ireland as a part of my bucket list. Pictures are so beautiful but being there must be such breathtaking beauty, just as you are!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Have a safe & wonderful New Year also. Wish you were coming to Pensacola with Celtic Woman In February.

Robert Denker
Fort Walton Beach, FL

Wow Méav,

Years just seem to sprint by, and I nearly missed my Christmas message to you.

Our Family has just moved to a new rental Property, and its been all go!. Our family has all grown up now and my young princesses have become amazing ladies with their own thoughts and values, As a Father I can only hope that my wife Maree and I have equipped them thoroughly for their next challenges in Life.

Sadly the world seems to be becoming crazier than ever on the one hand, yet from a Christian perspective, it is like a "second hand" on a clock creeping ever so closer to the hour mark. Life's like that isn't it. We are all rushing frantically to the hour mark in our lives, and yet haven't really planned anything beyond the hour when the clock strikes.

Well Thankfully God gave us a hope for when the hour strikes, not only did He give us hope through eternal life in his son Jesus, but He gave all of us a purpose in life, but so very few of us fulfill His purpose for us and spend all our time trying to fulfill our own.

But I believe you have found God's purpose when I hear you sing Christmas Carols, I feel lifted up because you look to be so connected to the Lord through the song. You reveal the voice of an angel to we mere mortals, you help us touch heaven within our Spirit.

My prayer for you and your family this year is that you continue seeking God's direction and purpose for your life and your children's lives. Guide them in the way of the Lord, be an example of Christ to them, so that they can be strong in the building up of their own faith in Jesus. He is not only the reason for the season, He is the God of the eleventh hour before the clock strikes twelve.

Kim Gritten





Patricia Sloan

Wishing you a blessed Christmas and a succesful New Year!
We are so proud of you. We are pleased to be part of your blossoming career. We are always here to help make you shine.

From everyone at the Official Méav Forum and facebook Page

From your www.celticmeav.com/www.meavforum.com friends
(Web host, moderators, admins, and loyal fans)


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